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Dogs need to chew. Dogs want to chew. The cumulative benefits of quality chewing equal mental, physical, and oral benefits that add up to a very happy and healthy pup. Your dog’s unconditional love deserves nothing less than uncompromising nutrition and that is why we don’t outsource manufacturing to foreign companies. We are the ‘kitchen’ – located in Ontario, Canada.


Made with the best

We use real maple woodchips to slowly smoke our Bully Chews and Bones – all sourced from North American farms.


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The Chew Club Core Values

COMMUNICATION: We accomplish so much more with strong relationships that are based on communicating via empathy, transparency, and humility because the hardest thing is to build sustainable and scalable trust.

COMMITMENT: We are passionately committed to doing ‘work that matters’ by providing real solutions, real value and real commitment to our team members, our #chewstars and their parents.

CONNECTIONS: We seek to bridge the digital with genuine human connections that provide 'remarkable' services and products that provide solutions and convenience. To be 'remarkable' is to be unconventional and innovative - to do something that is 'above and beyond' what is expected.

CHANGE: Never accept or be too comfortable with the status quo. Change starts with always learning, evolving, and improving.

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The Chew Club

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What does ‘Re-Inventing Chew Time’ mean?

1. Upgrade to transparency – 100% natural ingredients, sourced in Canada and USA and always ‘made in’ Canada.

2. Made in our certified 3rd Party (SQF) audited kitchen.

3. We have been a trusted source for over 30 years of product innovation, R&D and tens of millions of chews and treats sold throughout North America.

4. Everything we feed our dogs should be real, whole, and pure…nothing artificial, no unnecessary preservatives, no compromises. The Chew Club is a ‘never-raw hide’ company.

5. Quality chew time supports mental and cognitive health related to anxiety and boredom plus dental & oral health.

6. Independent lab testing proves we use NO artificial and harmful ingredients, bleaches, or toxic chemicals to clean and preserve our chews, bones and treats.

7. The Chew Club is the only North American manufacturer to hand-cut, hand clean and slowly dry and smoke all its chews with real Canadian maple-wood – never chemically treated.

8. The Chew Club offers the most comprehensive customized ‘chew solutions’ for your pups’ unique personality and health needs.

9. The Chew Club saves pet parents money and time by providing premium solutions without all the expensive middlemen and always, convenient free shipping to your home.

10. The Chew Club is obsessively focused on delighting #ChewStar dogs and empowering pet parents.